Why Pomegranate Is Called Elixir Of Youth


Pomegranate slows down aging and relieves stress, and it’s great for your sex life and healthy heart Pomegranate slows down the oxidation process in the body and is a natural protection against the aging process, according to scientists. It helps prevent heart disease, reduce stress and even proved to be …

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HPV Vaccine To Be Trialled On Babies


Pharmaceutical giant Merck has announced plans to trial a new HPV vaccine on babies.  The controversial trial aims to look at the effects of the HPV vaccine in infants, with the possibility of rolling out a mandatory HPV vaccine program in the future. Truthkings.com reports: The Gardasil / HPV vaccine has …

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You Should Drink Watermelon Juice Every Day. Here is Why


As summer approaches, watermelon becomes more and more essential for keeping a healthy lifestyle and remaining fit. Since watermelon is mainly based on water and a sweet flavor, it may be the ideal ingredient to turn to this season. Aside from being refreshed and hydrated, watermelon brings along numerous health …

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